6 Reasons to Trade Crypto

  1. Low Transaction Fees: The transfer fee for Bitcoin is extremely low. It is significantly lower than the transaction fee for conventional methods like credit / debit card payments and wire transfers. Moreover, Bitcoin transfer fees are not related to the amount transferred. So, you can send thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoins by paying for one transaction.
  2. Anonymity: Neither Bitcoin wallets nor transactions made in this digital currency can be linked back to the user. Unlike bank accounts and credit / debit cards, Bitcoin wallets are not linked to your personal information. Transfers are made to addresses that cannot be traced back to a person. In fact, Bitcoin addresses are designed for single transactions, and the wallet creates a new address after every transaction.
  3. Complete Control: There are no regulations governing the exchange of Bitcoins. Since the transactions cannot be traced back to a person, no third party, not even the government, has access to information regarding how many Bitcoins you own. This means that governments can neither tax your gains nor seize your wealth. You have complete freedom to do as you desire.
  4. Security: Although several people have concerns around security when considering Bitcoins, this digital currency offers greater security than wire transfers or credit / debit card payments. There are many layers of safety built into Bitcoin purchase, storage and trading. While continuously changing wallet addresses secures your privacy, this also increases the safety of transactions. Cyber criminals cannot link transactions to your wallet or gain access to your personal financial data.
  5. Diversity Portfolio: Bitcoin price is determined by demand and supply, and has low correlation to any one country’s economy or political scenario. Due to this, Bitcoin is a good investment for portfolio diversification and hedging risks.
  6. Volatility: Take a look at the growth of Bitcoin in the graph below to see for yourself the volatile nature of Crypto Currency